Jo, Williams Landing and Williamstown

Name: Jo 


Length of time at Reading Bees: Since Jan 2022 


The location you teach at: Williams Landing and Williamstown - Kinder and Primary programs

favourite part of class/being an educator: I love every part of the kinder program, the way it covers not just early literacy development, but also numeracy skills and so many other social skills that go towards getting a child ready for school. I am a big fan of our word blending and reading activities, where we encourage the children to read and say the sounds they have learnt using a fun game or picture so that they can practice reading real words. The look on their faces when they actually do read a word for the first time is priceless!


What do you love most about your job at Reading Bees: I love being part of a group of educators and assistants who are passionate about evidence-based literacy instruction and intervention, and who care so much about the children who attend our programs. More than anything, I love being part of our children's learning journey, helping to foster solid and reliable literacy foundational skills, or support those that are struggling, so that they can engage in their school education with confidence and joy. Hearing a child say they don't want to leave at the end of a class is the best reward as an educator.