Five Reasons to Choose Reading Bees for your child

1. Learning to read and write takes a lot of work.

The social and academic demands are enormous in the early learning years. Starting school with confidence can significantly affect how a child continues to learn.

Children work at different levels and speeds; they all deserve individualised support and access to the education they need.

That's why we're creating confident learners who can master reading and spelling fast and successfully.

2. We follow the research.

According to Kay Margetts - Associate Professor & Lecturer in Early Childhood and Primary Teacher Education:

"Children are more likely to cope with the challenges of school when they are self-reliant and confident; are willing to try new things, can listen to and follow instructions, can take care of their belongings, can interact confidently and cooperatively with other children and adults, and can cope with inevitable frustrations."

Maureen Pollard, leading Educational Expert & Founder of the Little Learners Love Literacy Program, states:

"Oral language and pre-literacy, phonological awareness skills support early reading and writing development. Skilled readers have good decoding skills (word recognition); understand what they read (comprehension) and read with fluency."

The Little Learners Love Literacy Program is in every Reading Bees learning studio.

Reading Bees follows the evidence to create an enhanced learning program, so children learn to master reading and to spell fast and successfully.

3. So much more than letters.

Melanie Knight, Owner of Reading Bees and Experienced Speech Pathologist says:

"Research shows that starting children on the road to literacy early is crucial to their development AND helps them to discover a deep love for learning.”

At Reading Bees, children learn more than just letters; they blend letters with sounds to make sense of words. Our qualified, nurturing educators make every lesson memorable, and they adapt to the needs of each child in class. The secret is to create a regular practice through a systematic approach that reinforces the sounds and letters they learn through fun and engaging activities.

4. We make learning fun and make it stick.

Your child will look forward to their Reading Bees class every week and want to keep coming back.

5. Our educators are qualified and the best in the state.

Where would we be without our team of qualified educators and assistants?

We currently have a team of 30 educators and assistants who all learn the Reading Bees enhanced learning program.

We continue to use the Little Learners Love Literacy curriculum and adapt it to the Reading Bees way. A lot of preparation goes into ensuring every lesson meets our students' needs, and we love seeing our students respond so positively to our program.

Whether your child needs extra support or is hungry for knowledge, there's a Reading Bees program that will create a confident learner and ignite your child's love to read and spell.

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