How does Reading Bees help children?

Melanie Knight, Speech Pathologist, early literacy specialist & Owner of Reading Bees

More than anything, we are about creating confident learners at Reading Bees.

For our pre-kinder and kinder programs, we want to prepare children and send them to school with absolute confidence, knowing they have the skills and foundation and can be and will be excited about learning.

For our primary program, we want children to rebuild their confidence, especially when they have yet to experience success at school. We want to show them that they can learn to read and spell and that there is a way to support them to help them overcome reading challenges. It is possible!

We want to reignite a love of learning to create confident learners in the classroom.

Research has proven that once a child decides that reading is a chore, it's tough to break that.

So, with Reading Bees, children get to 'have a go' and have fun through our games in an interactive and nurturing environment.

Our goal is to help all our students realise that learning can be fun and that they can be successful readers and writers!

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