Why do we make up silly sentences every week in class?

What a great question!

We aim to create confident learners for life, so we always make learning fun at Reading Bees.

As children build their understanding of language and words, they need to listen.

They listen to the rhythm of the words.

They listen to whether the words are wrong.

They listen to how many parts there are in a word, and They listen to whether words sound the same.

That’s why every single lesson at Reading Bees teaches wordplay.

We create silly names and names that rhyme. These things help our students so much when they start learning to read!

This week, Izzy the Insect came inside to play.

Our focus is on the short sound /i/ (as initch &ink), but we also learn the heart word 'I'

We went on an insect hunt! How many insects did we find?

One of our favourite activities is to play “odd one out.” Which picturedoesn'tstart withthe same sound,/i/ or the letter 'I'?

We made lots of words using 'i' as the vowel sound-'it, if, sit, tip, fit, sip, pit.'

We’re so excited that our Reading Bees hive is growing .

We’ve added more Primary, Pre-Kinder and Kinder classes to the schedule.