Why is it so important to link sounds to our letters?

As adults, we naturally think in letters, not sounds.
So when we teach children how to read, we have to adjust our thinking to focus on ‘sounds’ rather than just the ‘letter’.
For example, this week’s letter was “Cc”.
We practise writing the letter "Cc" but really listen and recognise the /k/ sound.
The goal is to learn that the letter ‘Cc’ represents the sound /k/.
Our Kinder and Pre-Kinder Kids have lots of fun and play games to learn about “Cc”.

Cooper the Caterpillar

It was cool to crawl through cocoons like a caterpillar.

We made short & long caterpillars!

We counted colourful cubes and made them into caterpillars.

What are we wearing that makes a /k/ sound?

Hmm, it’s cold outside today, so we have a coat on!

Our cardigans keep us warm too.

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